Sisters Reunited in Arbor Trace Rehab

There’s nothing quite like the bond between two sisters. Take Betty and Gladys for example. Two sisters. With a bond like no other. And these two ladies were reunited at Arbor Trace Rehabilitation. Getting better and healthier, laughing and living together. And now these girls just wanna have fun!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? To say their childhood together was special is an understatement. Gladys was born 7 years before Betty, the second youngest of 14 siblings. Fourteen!

“When Betty was born, I was seven years old. The first time I held her, I told my mother, ‘This is the best birthday present.’ And I held her every chance I could after that,” Gladys recalls of her little sis Betty.

Their family didn’t lack a sense of humor either. Their father had hilarious nicknames for the two girls. “Towhead” was given to Gladys for her very blond hair, and “Peewee” was given to Betty given her rank in the family. And well, those names stuck for all these years.

“Gladys has always been fun to be around. No matter your mood, she can always make you laugh,” Betty remembers of her big sister. “Growing up, it’s like it was her job to make sure everyone in our family was happy. She should have been a comedian.”

Fast-forward to today. Gladys has been a resident at Arbor Trace in the rehabilitation program. Betty had been in the hospital and was soon to be transferred to Arbor Trace. Time for the sisters to reunite!

The nurses at Arbor Trace made every effort to make these two as comfortable as possible. First priority? Securing a room for Betty right across the hall from her big sister Gladys. And that’s exactly what they did.

Now you can find the “Towhead” and “Peewee” bouncing from each other’s rooms, laughing up a storm, telling jokes and spending every second they can together. And they’re living life to the fullest, getting healthier and stronger together … at Arbor Trace.

Stop by and see Betty and Gladys, the dynamic duo, at Arbor Trace!