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Arbor Trace: Rich with history

Looking for something different? Maybe something with a little more … style? Arbor Trace is it. Our campus is perfectly situated in Richmond, Indiana. A place you’ve grown to love, with familiar faces around every corner. It’s been called the “All American City.” Rooted in the heart of jazz history. Richmond isn’t lacking any character. And neither is Arbor Trace.

The moment you walk into Arbor Trace, you’re transported back in time. Nostalgic? Oh, yes it is. Every detail at Arbor Trace is replicated after old Main Street in downtown Richmond. Right inside our building! It’s anything but ordinary. With restaurant-style bistros, a barber shop, lounges and a movie theater all modeled after that home-town feel and comfort. Thirty-eight acres of amazing and impressive outdoor living spaces, patios and water features. Plus, we’re close to Reid Hospital with the care you’ve grown to count on. At Arbor Trace, you couldn’t be more at home.

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