Arbor Trace Receives 2019 Customer Experience Awards

CarDon & Associates is the proud recipient of Pinnacle Quality Insight’s 2019 Customer Experience Award™. Fourteen communities owned and/or managed by CarDon throughout Indiana and Ohio received the award for a continued dedication to providing best-in-class senior healthcare services. Recipients of the Pinnacle Customer Experience Award place a strong emphasis on ensuring the individual needs of every resident are met.... Read More

Arbor Trace Receives 2018 Customer Experience Awards

CarDon & Associates is the recipient of Pinnacle Quality Insight’s 2018 Customer Experience Award™. Twelve CarDon communities throughout Indiana received the award for a continued dedication to providing best-in-class senior healthcare services. Recipients of the Pinnacle Customer Experience Award place a strong emphasis on ensuring the individual needs of every resident are met. Over the course of 2017, a sampling of CarDon’s... Read More

Sisters Reunited in Arbor Trace Rehab

There’s nothing quite like the bond between two sisters. Take Betty and Gladys for example. Two sisters. With a bond like no other. And these two ladies were reunited at Arbor Trace Rehabilitation. Getting better and healthier, laughing and living together. And now these girls just wanna have fun! Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? To say... Read More

Arbor Trace Resident Hattie Turns 100 Year Old

Arbor Trace resident Hattie Bell recently celebrated her 100th birthday! We hosted a party for Hattie with a cake, card shower and a sling shot ride. Hattie moved to Richmond, Indiana in 1931 at the age of 15. She got married in 1933 and then raised five children. Hattie worked at Kresger’s Dime Store for 10 years before going on to work at Knollenberg’s... Read More

Employee Spotlight: Holt Part of Family at Arbor Trace

Anna Holt has worked for CarDon & Associates for 15 years now, and tries hard every day to make Arbor Trace a little bit tidier and a whole lot friendlier. Holt has been at Arbor Trace since it opened in 2007 on a park-like campus in a quiet neighborhood of Richmond, Ind. She previously worked at an older facility that... Read More

Pedal Tractor Show

On Saturday, Aug. 22, Arbor Trace hosted a tractor display with over 240 pedal tractors, homemade ice cream made on a John Deere tractor, plus some wonderful gospel music. It was a busy day, packed full of fun and beautiful weather on our great patio.           [cycloneslider id="tractor-show"]

July’s Fishing Outing

Residents enjoyed a beautiful day of fishing on July 23rd. A group of 12 traveled to a catch-and-release pond in Winchester, IN. Everyone enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch, followed by a selection of Wick's Pies, which is the Indiana State Pie. Flavors included chocolate, butterscotch, and of course Hoosier favorite sugar cream. Arbor Trace makes this fishing outing a couple times each summer.  ... Read More

June Events and Activities

Arbor Trace holds their residents in high regard and is always searching for ways to engage them with delightful and fun experiences. On June 20th, there will be a car show where you can check out your favorite Corvette. Now, that sounds like some revved up entertainment! The rest of the month provides opportunities for other events, including plenty of... Read More

10 Tips to Prevent a Fall

Falling down can be dangerous at any age, but seniors are particularly vulnerable to serious injuries and long recovery periods. According to the Centers for Disease Control, each year one in three adults age 65 and over takes a spill and it’s the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries. The following in-home adjustments can be made to reduce the... Read More

Games Nourish the Brain

What if it were possible to exercise and stave off aspects of aging without leaving your chair? Wouldn’t it be great to feel better and be more mentally alert without breaking a sweat? Break out the games and turn off the T.V. Researchers have found that people who play some type of game at least every other day, achieved higher... Read More